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Used for rounding edges, decorating, and creating a trough for the best looking stitches.

Set of 3 different - $14.50

Strap End and Belt End Templates - $12.50 set

These templates provide both styles of belt and strap ends, rounded and English Pointed. They also have holes at 1 inch spacing. The correct way to use them is to mark the ends with an awl and the same with the holes. Use a knife to cut the leather and a punch for the holes.

Leather Thickness Gauge - $35

Leather is typically measured and sold in OUNCES which is very old school and frankly confusing. The best way to measure the leather and to know its correct thickness is to utilize a thickness gauge. These are easy to use and on the back is a chart showing ounces converted to mm.

Tiger Thread Sample Board - $12.50

All Available Sizes and Colours on 4 x 9” Coroplast Board


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