Tiger and Ritza 25 Thread & John James Harness Needles

As a youngster my family had a saddlery store with 3 full-time saddle and harness makers, my interest was peaked at an early age and I learned how to work with leather from some of the best craftsmen in our area. Being a long time Harley rider a lot of my designs are oriented towards bikers. I do commissioned work as well, contact us and let me know your requirements.

We pride ourselves in making unique leather goods. Each item is 'one of a kind' and we endeavour to incorporate an uncut portion of the hide into every project. The materials we use include high quality leather specially selected for the type of project. The hardware will always match, all brass, antiqued, silver, etc., and we always use Tiger thread for the finest hand stitching.

We sell Tiger thread (also known as Ritza 25) in 10, 20, 40 and 60 yd samples so that you can appreciate the colour and ease of working with it before committing to 540 yd spools. John James blunt-end Harness Needles are the best for hand stitching leather. These are available in our shop at Etsy.

We also sell some hardware, primarily belt buckles that are generally unavailable in the USA and Canada. Custom commissioned work is encouraged, just contact us and we will answer all your questions.

Our goal is to make RAVING FANS of our clients.