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Tiger Thread


This thread, manufactured by Julius Koch in Germany, India and Ukraine is accepted as being the very best for hand sewing leather. (Also known as Ritza 25)

It is a pre-waxed, flat, braided polyester thread. It's exceptionally strong, sews easily and lies flat providing a better look and more protection than your typical round threads.

  - Very light leather in gloves, wallets, etc is best sewn with 0.6mm thread and 004 needles

 - For light leather we have 0.8mm Tiger thread, use 002 or 1/0 needles

 - For the majority of jobs we recommend 1mm thread and 1/0 or 2/0 needles.

 - For thicker leather we recommend 1.4mm Tiger thread and 3/0 needles.

All samples are wrapped around coroplast to eliminate tangling, and sent through the mail.

See our listing for John James needles, a perfect complement for Tiger thread.

Tiger Thread Colour Chart

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